Welcome to GenX Slashing & Mulching Services, where we specialise in a wide array of landscaping solutions. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering exceptional care for your outdoor spaces. From expert slashing and mulching to precise mowing and comprehensive garden maintenance, our services cover all your landscaping needs. Trust GenX Slashing & Mulching Services to provide outstanding results that surpass your expectations.


Too busy to mow? We’ll do it for you, and ensure your garden has an exceptional manicured finish that makes your property stand out from the rest.

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Whipper Snipping

Our skilled team uses top-quality equipment and techniques to ensure that your lawn edges, garden beds, and other hard-to-reach areas are trimmed to perfection, leaving you with a beautiful and polished-looking outdoor space.

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Slashing & Mulching

Whether you need to clear overgrown grass, remove tree stumps, or mulch your garden beds, our expertise and tools get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We take great care to protect your property during our services, and we always clean up after ourselves, leaving your space looking neat and tidy.

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Green Waste

We dispose of green waste in a responsible and sustainable way, with a range of options for green waste removal.

We make the process easy and stress-free, taking care of all the heavy lifting and leaving your property looking spectacular!

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Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance isn’t just about making your outdoor space look good – we understand it’s about keeping it healthy and vibrant too, no matter what season it is.

From pruning to fertilising and everything in between, our skilled team has the knowledge and expertise to keep your garden in top condition, resulting in a stunning garden that everyone wants to spend time in.

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